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Church of the Beatitudes in Israel

The Why

The Catholic newspaper I wrote for may have stopped publishing a print edition, but the deep desire to continue penning words that pointed to Jesus never diminished. In fact, it grew and gave birth to this blog! I attribute that zeal to the grace of God who in 2010 allowed me to meet and become adopted by the persecuted Christians of the Middle East. Their authentic witness to Christ in the midst of deep suffering reignited my faith and set me on a path that continues to unwind before me.

What follows are soulful meanderings into what it means to be a follower of Christ living in a broken world redeemed by God.

Recent Articles

Sometimes we delve into current issues (what do you expect from a political science major?) but it’s always through a lens of faith. The Soulful Catholic likes to write about what God is doing in our lives today, right here and right now. Faith in Christ changes everything.

Want real freedom? Jesus Christ shows us how to be truly free

Want real freedom? Jesus Christ shows us how to be truly free

The 12 sets of eyes staring back at me pondered the question: What would happen if at your next soccer game, there were no rules? You could pick up the ball with your hands if you wanted to, even if you weren’t the goalie. There’d be no out-of-bounds at all. And, the score would be whatever you wanted it to be.

America, it’s time to turn back to God

America, it’s time to turn back to God

My husband and I were sound asleep that morning, oblivious to the nightmare unfolding in New York City on September 11, 2001. Pounding on the front door sent us stumbling from our bed to find a neighbor, a World War II combat veteran, looking extremely agitated.
“We’re under attack!” he shouted. “Turn on the TV!” With that, he hurried back across the street.

Flowers on the shore of the Sea of Galilee

Meet Joyce

The Soulful Catholic

Wife. Mom. Regular, everyday person. God allowed me to write for The Catholic Sun for nearly two decades (not the Rosary kind, but more on that later!) I’m also a catechist and the editor of a community newspaper.

A conversion experience in 2010 changed my life forever and led to the writing of two novels about the plight of persecuted Christians. A third book, Daily Inspiration, rounds out my current titles.

I’ll speak to any group of one or more about God’s great mercy and how He intervened in my life in a miraculous way. Sometimes that means a parish mission or retreat but it might just be over tea.

Joyce in the Holy Land
Pictures taken on Joyce’s 2012 trip to the Holy Land.

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